Working with Aluminum Composite Panels

By Donna Mayne
Art Director of the City of Windsor Art Studio

Since 1998, The City of Windsor Art Studio has highlighted Windsor's heritage and achievements in the form of mural art. To date, we have 40 mural sites that reflect the uniqueness of four different business communities and have provided work experience and exposure to more than 50 local artists.

The substrates used for the murals have varied from site to site. We’ve applied paint directly to brick, cement block and stucco as well as portable surfaces that include Duraply, Bungee Banner, Dibond and Alucobest.

Dibond and Alucobest are registered trade names for aluminum composite panels that can be ordered from most distributors of sign products. The panels are made up of two thin sheets of aluminum that sandwich a plastic core. Front and back are finished in a hard and shiny coating of paint. The panels can be ordered in a variety of colours. We generally purchase 4’x 8’ or 5’ x 10’ panels in 3mm thickness.

Click here for the FULL PDF - Appendix 2 - Anticipated mural process - Windsor Model