DEADLINE: March 9, 2011



Regina was hit by the worst natural disaster in Canadian history on June 30, 1912, when a deadly
tornado ravaged the young city. Over 2500 people were left homeless, 200 were injured and 28 were
killed by this fierce storm. The Regina Warehouse District Association and the Regina Downtown
Business Improvement District Association have joined with the Regina Plains Museum to establish the
Regina Tornado Legacy Group Inc. Their intention is to commemorate the community spirit and the
resiliency of the people of Regina through a series of sculptural and mural installations throughout the
downtown and warehouse districts. These permanent installations would pay homage to the citizens of
Regina who rallied to rebuild our community following the enormous devastation wreaked by this

Project description

The Regina Tornado Legacy Group has identified a number of locations that may be suitable for
permanent site-specific sculptural or mural installations throughout the downtown and warehouse
districts. Funding has been secured through the Community Initiatives Fund (Province of Saskatchewan)
and additional funding has been requested through the Department of Canadian Heritage (Government
of Canada). The number of installations will ultimately be determined by the funding available, but to
date, funding has been secured for up to six installations. The potential locations for sculptural or mural
installations are identified in the attached Schedule A.

The design or artistic concept of the murals or sculptures should reflect a theme relative to the 1912
tornado, the impact of the tornado on the community, and the community spirit and resiliency that was
evident as the city began the rebuilding process. This project is intended to highlight this important part
of our city’s history as well as to evoke a sense of community spirit and pride of place. Attached is a
document that outlines some of the personal stories connected to the tornado. There are other
resources currently available that can help to inform and provide background documentation as
inspiration for the works proposed.

These installations are intended to be permanent. In the case of mural installations, all murals should
be painted on aluminum panels (eg. Dibond). They will then be attached to the building surfaces.
Please see the attached document from Windsor, Ontario that outlines their process for mural
installations. This information is provided as reference material only.

In the case of sculptural installations, a concrete pad will be poured at each location to provide visual
continuity and adequate support for the sculptures. It will also allow opportunity for appropriate
signage acknowledging the artist and the name of the sculptural work. The artists will be required to
provide accurate dimensions to the project manager by the beginning of June to ensure the concrete
pads and mounting surfaces are accurately prepared.


A selection committee has been established to adjudicate the submissions. Artists from across Canada
will be considered, but preference will be given to artists residing within Saskatchewan. There is an
extremely tight timeline for this project, as the work must be completed and installed prior to June 30,
2012. The deadline dates and requirements for this project are as follows:

March 9, 2012: Deadline for submission for the first round of adjudication. Artists must submit
a preliminary sketch of their design and estimated budget, as well as a current CV and photographic
samples of previous work. Artists may submit their proposals electronically via email.

March 16, 2012: The adjudicating committee will notify the artists who have been selected to
move to the second phase of adjudication. Those artists will be invited to develop a maquette or
detailed design, and will be provided with a $500 honorarium to cover the costs of developing a model
of their proposed work. The maquettes will become the property of the Regina Tornado Legacy Group.

April 13, 2012: Deadline for submission of a small scale model or maquette of their proposed
work and a detailed budget outlining artist fees, materials, transportation and installation costs. At this
time, other stakeholders (RTLG Board, City of Regina, property owners, Regina Arts Advisory Committee)
will be brought in to review the proposals. The models will be exhibited to increase public/media
interest in the project.

April 30, 2012: The decisions of the adjudicating committee will be announced and contracts
will be delivered to the artists chosen for this project.

June 20, 2012: Finished art work must be available for installation. In the case of sculptural
installations, concrete pads will be poured in advance to provide a consistent base. The artist will work
collaboratively with the project manager to provide accurate dimensions for posts or mounting surfaces.
In the case of murals, all murals must be painted on aluminum panels (Dibond or Alucobest) for
installation on building surfaces.

June 30, 2012: Unveiling ceremonies will take place on Saturday, June 30th. The artists are
expected to be available for participation in the unveiling ceremonies. Additional details regarding the
ceremony schedule will be provided to the artists in advance.

Adjudication Process:

The adjudication committee will review and recommend submissions based on the following criteria:

a. Artistic merit
b. Commemoration of the 1912 Tornado
c. Cost
d. Proposed location (please see Schedule A for a complete description of the potential locations)

All materials submitted will be considered. Materials submitted through hard copy will not be returned
to the artist until after June 30, 2012. The adjudication process will be facilitated by Marian Donnelly, Regina Tornado Legacy Group Project Manager.

Adjudication Committee:

The adjudication committee is comprised of members from the Regina arts community, represented by:

Dr. Curtis Collins, Director, Dunlop Art Gallery
Michelle Lavallee, Assistant Curator, MacKenzie Art Gallery
John Hampton, Curator in Residence, Neutral Ground
Jennifer McRorie, Executive Director, CARFAC Saskatchewan

Submission requirements:

Interested artists should submit:

1. A preliminary sketch of their proposed work
2. An estimated budget of their artist fees and materials
3. A current CV
4. Photographic samples of previous work

This material can be submitted in hard copy to:

Regina Tornado Legacy Group Inc.
c/o Regina Downtown Business Improvement District
140-2401 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK S4P 4H8

Or by email to the project manager at:

The deadline for submission is March 9, 2012 at 4 pm.

For further information, please contact the project manager:

Marian Donnelly
Creative City Centre
1843 Hamilton Street
Regina, SK S4P 2B9
Tel: 306.546.5565